Is It Legal to Burn Xbox 360 Games?

Is it legal it to burn Xbox 360 games? The answer is a big YES. It is legal to burn Xbox 360 games under certain conditions as provided under Section 117 of the Copyright Act. It is completely legal to create backup copies of a game you legally own. In other words, you can copy digital media as long as you bought and still possess the original disc.

Most people think that burning Xbox 360 games or any digital media is illegal since they are being copied without permission. The rule of the thumb is if you legally own the disc, then you can duplicate it or make backup copies of it. It becomes illegal if you copy Xbox 360 games that you don’t own.

The legality of burning Xbox games is also affected by purpose. The purpose of copying is one of the grounds that may determine if it is legal or not. Under section 117, you are allowed to burn Xbox 360 for archival purposes only. But if you’re making a copy to give, loan, or sell to others, then it becomes illegal. These copies are considered pirated copies. Consequently, buying, using, and selling pirated copies is considered a crime.

Basically, there are two Acts that grant video game owners the right to copy  for personal use. The Fair Use Act and The Audio Home Recording Act of 1992 protect legitimate game owners from lawsuit made by  manufacturers. Although it is legal to make copies or backups of your own games, there are also laws that protect the video games from its illegal distribution and piracy.

Making backup copies is one of the best ways to keep your original copies in good condition. Preserving the original disc is a good investment. Your original games could scratch easily especially if it’s your favorite. If the original copy is damaged and scratched beyond repair, the only option is to buy a new one. But original copies are not that cheap that’s why having duplicates is a good investment. This will prevent you from buying the same video games again and again. You could use your duplicate copies while keeping the original disc in pristine condition.

Although video game companies do not want their games to be copied, think about it, you paid for it so you have the right to protect it. It is highly recommended that owners must read the printed material that comes with it before duplicating them. In case that you lost the original disc or you’re no longer the owner of it, you are obliged to destroy any duplicate copies in your possession. Selling unauthorized copies is a clear violation of the law. In America, Timothy W. Hall from Mt. Vernon, Illinois was sentenced to 2 years in prison and a $1,200 fine for pleading guilty to selling counterfeit video games and TV series on DVD.

Now, is it legal to burn Xbox 360 games? It definitely is. As a customer or video game owner, you have the right to copy them as long as it’s for backup purpose only.