Game Copy Wizard Review

A lot of Xbox 360 owners may already be familiar with Game Copy Wizard.  But if you’re not, you probably wonder what it is for and more importantly, whether or not it works? Let’s find out.

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Let’s face it, Xbox 360 games are quite costly, and there are many things that may happen to your precious Xbox 360 games. It could get scratched, misplaced or even stolen. Scary thoughts but these stuffs actually do happen. Damaged games tend to be unplayable and the only thing to do is shell out for the same game again. But the dreaded disc error is just around the corner especially for the more loved games due to wear and tear. All these could be avoided with Game Copy Wizard.

What Is Game Copy Wizard?

Game Copy Wizard is one of the most popular game copy software which allows you to completely produce a perfect backup. This software is the Xbox gamer’s best friend. Game Copy Wizard is able to create exact duplicates of Xbox games, allowing gamers to copy and  burn Xbox 360 games to DVDs. But that’s not all, this program is very versatile as it works well with other consoles including PS3, PS2, Wii, GameCube, Dreamcast, and even PC games.

Easy to Install and Use

The program itself is quite small making the download and installation relatively quick and easy. Game Copy Wizard is also easy to use, very much like those regular burning software like Nero or Roxio. Fortunately it is a user friendly software as its interface is very simple and self-explanatory. With a span of a few minutes, you can have 1:1 copies of your favorite games.

The best part is that the ripped games can be played on all types of Xbox consoles and you don’t even have to physically modify your consoles. We all know the risk of modding your consoles and we don’t really want to get banned from playing Xbox Live.

With regards to results, Game Copy Wizard produces high quality copies. The backup copy is a perfect 1:1 duplicate of the original game. The superb quality of the backup copy is the one area that makes Game Copy Wizard stand out among other game copy software.

Lots of Satisfied Users

Game Copy Wizard has a return rate of less than 1%. This only means that there a lot of satisfied customers out there. And if you have any troubles regarding the software, there is 24/7 support team that can help you. You can check out Game Copy Wizard’s official site at for more information. For only $29.99 USD, you can have a copy of Game Copy Wizard. This fee is relatively small compared on how much you will spend buying the same Xbox games again and again.

So does it work? Yes, it does! It is best thing that ever happened to gaming. With an interface so simple yet produces outstanding results, Game Copy Wizard is worth your every penny.

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