Easy Backup Wizard Review

Ever heard of Easy Backup Wizard? Well, you are probably wondering if the backup software really works as it is promises so now let’s take a look at Easy Backup Wizard closely.

What Is Easy Backup Wizard?

Easy Backup Wizard is a backup software package that allows you to make copies of your video games for virtually any game console. With the Easy Backup software, you will be able to create backups of your favorite video games whether for Xbox, Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, Nintendo Wii, GameCube, PC or Dreamcast. Aside from video games, you can also copy downloaded games, movies, TV shows and more by using the Easy Backup Wizard.

Easy Backup Wizard’s most basic and most important feature is it makes perfect 1:1 copies. It bypasses the system copy protection of game discs to create perfect copies. The quality of the backups is the same with the originals. This eliminates the problem of having to modify your game console to play backup copies. You can now play your favorite games as long as you want while preserving the originals.

Easy Backup Wizard is compatible with all versions of Windows as well as Mac based Operating systems. Released in March 2009, many game enthusiasts have enjoyed the simplicity yet usefulness of the backup software. It is easy to use making it popular for hard-core and novice gamers. For novices, it has step by step tutorials with all the necessary instructions which are very detailed and user-friendly. All you need is a gaming compatible DVD reader/writer and you’re ready to go.

Don’t expect that Easy Backup Wizard to resurrect the dead though. It can only make successful copies when the original game discs are in pristine condition. CDs that are cracked and badly scratched are not recommended to use as the software will not be able to read or copy from them.

Easy Backup Wizard is one of the easiest solutions for making Xbox 360 backups. For a fee of $30, the program is all yours. The one-time fee is small compared to the long-time benefits of using the program.

How to Use Easy Backup Wizard

  1. Download and install the Easy Backup Wizard to your PC or Mac.
  2. Put the game disc on your PC driver and launch the Easy Backup Wizard.
  3. Create a backup of the game.
  4. When prompted, replace the game disc with a blank DVD disc and start burning the backup file.

With several clicks of the button, you’ll be able to create backups of almost anything in digitized format, be it a game, movie, TV show and MP3. Apart from a DVD burner, the Easy Backup Wizard does not require any software or hardware to be able to copy files. You will be able to duplicate your favorite video games for as low as $30. You don’t have to worry about copyright issues as long as you use your backups for personal and non-commercial reasons only.