Burning Xbox 360 Games

Looking for the best way to burn Xbox 360 games? Read on. Burning Xbox 360 games has now become possible with software developers answering the demand from gamers who want to create perfect backups of their games.

A damaged Xbox 360 game could be really frustrating. But I guess nothing is more frustrating than a disc error that results in unplayable Xbox 360 games that are severely damaged. Buying the same game all over again can only aggravate the loss. And Xbox games can be quite expensive, especially the Xbox best games.

Instead of buying the same Xbox 360 game again and again, you can save your money for other games or even for upcoming games. Knowing how to burn Xbox 360 games will help you to do so. Just imagine how much you can save if you know how to create perfect backups for all of your games.

Burning Xbox 360 games requires specialized software that bypasses the built-in copy protection used by developers. Normal burning software like Nero just cannot do the job. All Xbox games have built-in code that makes them impossible to be copied using normal burning software. Game copy software can recognize copy protected data and creates an identical copy. The copy is a perfect 1:1 duplicate exactly like the originals in every single way.

Burning Xbox 360 games is actually quite simple. All you need is a PC with a DVD burner and game copy software and you’re on your way to preserving the good stuff while saving money. You can preserve the originals and keep them in pristine condition while you play your hearts out with no worries.

These are some of the best game copy software available:

  1. Game Copy Wizard (read our Game Copy Wizard review)
  2. Easy Backup Wizard
  3. BlindWrite
  4. Copy That Game
  5. Game Copy Monster
  6. Slysoft Clone CD

You can buy these game copy software from their respective developers on the Internet. Check out reviews, and then visit their official sites to download them.

After you have downloaded a game copy software, you will need to install it into your computer. Once installed, you can launch the program and open its interface. You can now put the Xbox game disc of your choice in the DVD drive. Load the disc using the game copy software and create a duplicate copy. Remove the game disc and insert a dual layer blank DVD. The game copy software will then burn an image of the game on your blank DVD. After a few minutes, you’ll have a perfect copy of your originals. Burning Xbox 360 games is easy and you can burn all your favorite Xbox games in the same manner.

Now you know how to create perfect backups that does not require any risky hardware modification. Modifying your hardware so that you can play your backups and getting banned from the Xbox Live is definitely not worth it. Investing on good game copy software and burning Xbox 360 games the easy way is definitely worth trying.