How to Burn Xbox 360 Games

When I started playing with my Xbox 360, the first question that started crossing my mind was: How can I burn Xbox 360 games? I mean if i knew how to burn Xbox games, I could save hundreds of dollars on my games.

Luckily, I do know how. And what’s even luckier is I’m going to share my proven method with you.

Is It Legal?

The first thing I found out was shocking. It’s so simple yet completely transformed my world — to burn Xbox 360 games is not illegal. It’s totally legal and lawful. What is illegal is the part where many people sell them. You are not allowed to sell the Xbox games that you burn, which makes perfect sense. For more information, read Is It Legal to Burn Xbox 360 Games?

Be Wary of Some Xbox Burning Hacks

Another big point I’d like to mention regarding burning Xbox 360 games is that people think they can get the best method off the Internet through some forum or thread. The truth is that the very best way to burn Xbox 360 games is by using software such as Game Copy Wizard or Easy Backup Wizard that was specifically created to do that.

The issue with forums and private reviews is such you don’t really know if they’re telling the truth.

  • People often leave fake methods simply to destroy the consoles and disks of other people
  • The information is usually long out-dated, completely useless or nonsensical garbage
  • If you touch your console, it voids your warranty, which means no more Xbox tech support for you

If you follow their tips and you mess up your Xbox system — you’re done. Microsoft will not repair your Xbox console because it’s ‘self-inflicted’ damage; you damaged it yourself. And you’ll lose 500$ for trying to save some money on the 50$ game. Silly situation, really.

So save yourself the trouble and grief and use software to get it done right. These companies have spent money to their software to make sure top quality, top-notch results.

All that you need to do is choose the right software. There are tons of methods on the internet but I wouldn’t recommend you use anything but software. A lot of these methods will seriously mess up your disks or system.

Now that you learn about how to burn Xbox 360 game, go on and try it for yourself. It’s simple, fast and easy plus it is a fantastic way to expand your gaming library without reducing the size of your wallet.

If you value your system and games, you will not just blindly pay attention to what some guy on a forum says.

Go with the latter option and find software — read those reviews contributing to the merchandise they’re offering. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Best of luck!